Our Story

In 2005, Zoso Music came to life as a modest jamming studio nestled in Bintulu, devoted to serving the local community of musicians. As our love for music ignited and our horizons expanded, we embarked on a new path—offering a curated selection of musical instruments. Today, with pride and gratitude, we have flourished into a network of branches spread across Malaysia. Throughout our remarkable journey, our unwavering mission has remained constant: to provide unparalleled service and create extraordinary moments for every customer we have the pleasure of serving.

Our Mission

At Zoso Music, our mission is to deliver unmatched service and create extraordinary musical moments for every customer. We understand the transformative power of music and are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, we're committed to meeting your needs, offering expert guidance, and helping you find the perfect instrument. Trust us to be your partner on your musical journey, inspiring and uplifting you with unforgettable moments.

What We Do

At Zoso Music, we offer a wide range of gear, musicians, and professional sound equipment to cater to the needs of musicians, music enthusiasts, artists, influencers, parents, recording studios, restaurants, hotels, international schools, universities, colleges, corporations, SMEs, and more.

At Zoso Music, we offer to collaborate with many great organisations, schools and more. Here are some of our collaborators : Our Collaborators

We also providing sound system solution and AV integration. Get your quote here : Sound Project Team

Our Customers

We're always glad to have our customers as part of the Zoso Music family. Their unwavering support and passion for music fuel our commitment to delivering exceptional service and creating extraordinary experiences. Join us on this musical journey and become a valued member of our thriving community.