Product Description

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Gibraltar 4711SC-DB Velocity Single Chain Drive Double Pedal

The 4000 Series Chain Drive double bass drum pedal is a simple and fast pedal, styled with the "G" style pedal board and hammer dual surface beater this pedals delivers speed and ease of use.

Gibraltar Pedals

Nothing is more important than that right “feel” to your pedal. Gibraltar offers four series of pedals to fit your playing style and budget. Our Intruder Series is one of the industry’s finest and most reliable pedals, featuring cam, direct drive and sprocket drives. The Avenger Series utilizes the same cam drive system as the Intruder, with simpler execution while the clean and simple feel of our Prowler and Velocity Series offer unmatched speed and value.

Gibraltar Hardware

We're not into maple, beech, or birch. We're not drum builders. We're not into bronze alloys and hand hammering. We're not cymbal-smiths. We are Gibraltar. And Gibraltar is hardware. This undeniable focus makes us better at what we do and who we do it for. No matter what brand of kit you play, Gibraltar supports them all. Rock Solid isn't just our slogan. It's our mission.

  • Fast and solid chain-drive double pedal
  • New “G” style pedal board design
  • Hammer dual surface beater
  • Adjustable spring tension
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