The 10 Best Electric Guitars For Beginners


New on electric guitar? Looking to buy your first one? Are starter pack is a good option? Which one should you choose? Well, here's our pick on 10 Best Electric Guitar for Beginners!

      1. Squier Stratocaster Bullet Series

        Best entry-level creation from one of the best electric guitar company in the world. This guitar is the reason of many young generation picking up a guitar. Backed up by the strong name in electric guitar; Fender, this guitar provide a starting point for all beginners. Definitely worth the bucks
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      2. Epiphone Les Paul Special II

        Cheapest selection from Epiphone. Perfect model for beginner to start their journey on becoming a rock star! Slim neck, lightweight and easy to lift, equipped with 700T/650R humbucker pickups, delivers long sustain and true Les Paul tones.
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      3. Epiphone SG Special II w/Killpot

        The body shape derived from legendary guitar company; Gibson, this guitar is a great solution to a tight budget beginner player. Retaining the playability of a Gibson guitar, Epiphone did a great job on this baby.
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      4. Jackson JS12

        Swift, deadly and affordable. This are the words Jackson use to describe this guitar. With high output ceramic pickups and graphite reinforced neck, this guitar is ready to rock hard! 
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      5. Squier Stratocaster Affinity Series

        It may look the same as the Bullet Series, but don't get fooled by the looks. This series is an upgraded version of Bullet Series. Better craftsmanship for a slightly higher price, better material for a better sounding guitar. 
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      6. Epiphone Les Paul 100

        Affordable and reliable. Superb instrument for beginner who looks for quality on low budget. The Les Paul 100 is cut to the same specs as Les' 1952 original and has everything new and professional guitarists look for in a quality instrument. Absolute beaut!
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      7. Ibanez GSA60

        A guitar doesn't have to cost a bundle to sound good. Thats why Ibanez says when it comes to this guitar. It retains all the good qualities of an Ibanez guitar and deliver a good sound. Not only it looks good, but it does feel great!
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      8. Epiphone Slash AFD Guitar Package

        This list wont be complete without this entry-level signature guitar of the most iconic guitarist worldwide, Mr Slash. Equipped with Ceramic Plus pickups, a crisp and pristine sound is guaranteed. Craftmanship is superb. Oh ya.. built in tuner? For an electric guitar? Now thats cutting edge! 
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      9. Squier Stratocaster Standard FMT

        Can't get enough of a strat? This baby is a fusion of the traditional vibe and modern feel. Features a 22-fret fingerboard and a slimmer neck make for easier playing and choke-free bends. Alnico single-coil pickups provide plenty of punch. Another reason to love this guitar? Its flame maple tops!
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      10. Ibanez Jumpstart Electric Guitar Package

        Everything you need to start as a beginner. This is what we can describe for our last pick on the list. Ibanez offer the best starter package for beginner that includes an amp, the guitar (of course), headphones, tuner, picks and etc. Literally all you need to start with.

        That is our best pick. We hope it could help you to choose your first axe to rock hard! After that, all it takes to be better is your willingness to learn and never give up!

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